"Thank you so much.  Paul really enjoyed camp and is looking forward to attending again.   He has learned and picked up so much more soccer and drills from just a short week there, he hoped it wouldn't end.  He truly enjoyed meeting all coaches and gaining professional coaching techniques.  He also enjoyed meeting people his age loving and soaking in the sports as he does.  Thank you for making this a camp for Paul to remember and gain experience from.  He has brought what he has learned and pick up to his league team and school team.  Thank you again from Paul and his parents Kristina and Peter."     -Kristna and Peter Makaj


"Thank you for letting me come down and train again.   Also thank you for introducing me to Simon....Just to meet people of their level in England is big for me...  I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me over the years and I would like to get together with you a few times before I leave for school.   Also, would like to have you as my trainer over my breaks from school.   so Thanksgiving, winter, spring and summer.   I work hard, not for myself, but for the people who made me the player I am today and it's all because of you.   Thank you so much.  Also, not saying I'm going to go to Manchester United, but just to have them there would be huge. Thank you.     -Peter DiLorenzo


Eric-As you may already know, Sean made state team.   I would like to thank you for all the great training over the years.      -Chang Yoo


I really liked the Developmental Soccer Program.  It was a lot of fun and gave me more time to play soccer and it helped me learn to play soccer better.  It taught me how to be a good defender. Soccer camp was very fun.  The coaches were good at teaching me how to play soccer and were really nice.  Soccer camp helped improve my speed.  The teams that were picked were fair and that made the games more fun.     - Dan Arkin


The Developmental Soccer Program was terrific.  It gave our son an excellent opportunity to improve his soccer skills while retaining his love of the game.  The confidence he gained from the Developmental Program improved his ability to play competitive soccer and make the travel team.  The program was a lot of fun for the kids. The structured, non-competitive environment was fantastic. The Premier Soccer Academy's soccer camp is an excellent way to boost your child's love of soccer.  The enthusiasm of the coaches is contagious.  Our son comes home from camp each day having had a blast and looking forward to another day on the field.  This enthusiasm helps prepare him for a terrific fall season, ready to play against the most competitive players with confidence.     Mike and Karen Arkin


My son Kevin's experience at the Premier Soccer camp the last two seasons has been a very favorable experience. My son attends several sports camps over the summer the months and his favorite is the Premier Soccer Camp.   The camp displays more trained adult coaches that teach the children as well as let them apply what they learned in games.  The way the teams are made mixed with different age groups works very well allowing the children to be challenged.  My son's improvement in soccer has shone as a result of this camp. The camp music and country team names bring out the whole soccer team spirit.  The kids also love the daily swim at lunchtime.  Which helps rejuvenate them for the afternoon.  The Staff lead by Eric Lorandini does a tremendous job.     -Kevin Towey


I am the mother of nine-year-old boy/girl twins. My son is very athletic and loves soccer, baseball and basketball.  My daughter is equally athletic and lives for soccer. This year they both have made the Soccer A-Travel team for the New Hyde Park Wildcats. 

Last year, with the help of Eric Lorandini and Brian Buckner, the boys showed a tremendous increase in the level of skill that the girls could not duplicate. I realized that Eric and Brian were putting a lot of extra time and effort with the U-9 boys and that this was the key to this achievement.  I expressed to Eric at that time that I just wished the girls could get this extra training to hone their skills.  

Last September,  my wish was granted.  Along came Premier Soccer with the ingenious plan for a Developmental Program for U-9 boys and girls to prepare them for travel. This consisted of about 20 weeks of 1 and 1/2 hours of skill-driven sessions usually followed by a scrimmage. What a great idea for the skill-minded child who wants to get better?at a game they love so very much and may not always get from intramural coaching.  

At this year’s Memorial Weekend Tournament in Valley Stream, I was so impressed to see the U-9 girls play. What passing, what skill in playing together.  I saw girls with real skills and team play.  I know it was because of the Development Program that was offered to them.

This Developmental Program should be kept alive and offered to every soccer-loving child. I highly recommend Premier Soccer’s Developmental Program for boys and girls at six years and up, who love and want to play soccer at a higher level. And Premier Soccer has proven to me that they can fill that job.

On another note, thanks for the great experiences my children have had at Premier Soccer’s Summer Camp. They have been going for the past 3 years. They have so much fun learning and playing with all their soccer buddies. The coaches and assistant coaches have made their stay a wonderful one. Keep on bringing it—my kids look forward to going every year.    - Valerie Tomasini


I would like to thank PSA for the U-9 developmental program experiences.  My son is a member of the New Hyde Park Wildcats Soccer Club and was one of the participants.  PSA provided a fun and athletic environment for a reasonable price. My son and his friends enjoyed the developmental program.  Your program helped improve my son's soccer skills in an enjoyable environment. I believe PSA gave my son the tools that helped him earn a spot on our clubs travel A team. My younger kids are looking forward to experiencing the PSA development program.        -John Leva


Premier Soccer Academy offers an environment in which the child can learn skills and the parents can better appreciate the role soccer will have in the child's life; be it recreational or competitive.  -Annonomous


Our son met the Premier staff when he was 6. Through their influence, five years later he has Division 1 skills and red-hot passion for soccer. Premier coaches are technically proficient, always encouraging to the young player, and happy to advise parents regarding their children's soccer potential and the regional soccer environment.     -Annonomous


Two of my sons have attended Premier Soccer Academy summer camps. I was impressed with the level of energy and knowledge the instructors brought to the camp. The boys especially enjoyed the world cup competitions. They both had a great time. One of my sons continued with the developmental soccer lessons where through drills and instruction, he was able to greatly improve his soccer play. Overall, we had a very good experience with Premier Soccer.      - Corina Birkdale


We are the parents of Carmelo, Joseph, and Anthony Carbone. Our family has been a member of the Wildcats Organization since1998. I find that my son Joseph, who just made the U-10 travel Team, had the most advantage in becoming a better athlete due to the Developmental Program that was offered to him. Unfortunately this program was not around for my older son, Carmelo. My experience with the Developmental program benefited my child. The program taught my son more about the game. It strengthened his skills and techniques. It built up his confidence and taught him how to interact with other children. Most of all, my son had a lot of fun. I would like to thank Eric Lorandini and his staff for making this possible and for putting so much time in to benefit our children.      -Anna and Joe Carbone


Eric Lorandini is an excellent soccer coach who has played the sport professionally. He has been instructing my son Christopher Ernest and his teammates, for over four years. He works well with the boys. They respect him and listen to his coaching. I have seen incredible improvements in Christopher skills since he has been working with Eric.   I, Emmanuel Ernest would highly recommend Eric as a soccer coach. He has great skill and works well with children. We are very pleased with his results thus far.  If you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance please give me a call at the above telephone number.      - Emmanuel Ernest


I would like to thank you for passing on to my children your passion and love of soccer. Joseph, Julianne, Michael and Annie have learned so much from your programs that keep soccer going throughout the year. The Premier Winter League at PAL for the past few years has been something we all enjoyed and always look forward to. They have all attended Premier Soccer Camp at Tully Field during the summer since its inception. This Program has enriched their knowledge of the game and has enhanced their skills.  Where I saw the most growth for them though was through your U9 Developmental Program this past fall and spring. I feel this is a program that would benefit all ages.  Michael will be trying out for travel next spring, and I hope that you will be offering the same Developmental Program for his U9 group. I was very happy with its results and hope that he can receive the same great benefits as Joseph and Julianne did. Not every soccer club is as fortunate to have someone with your caliber of experience, knowledge of the game and endless patience with the children.       - Anne Randazzo


I want to thank Eric and Brian for all their time and dedication they gave to the Developmental Program. It was really instrumental to the children trying out for travel. This program helped the children feel more comfortable knowing what to expect out of tryouts.  Developmental helped boost the children’s confidence as well as their skills. I feel very fortunate that my son was a part of the Developmental Program. I hope that this program will continue for my younger son to benefit from. Having Eric and Brian who have so much dedication and skill is an asset that should be offered to all. In the future, I hope developmental will be available so that others may reap the benefits that my son received.      - Terry Driscoll


I just wanted to drop you a quick note of THANKS and acknowledgement to the wonderful job Premier Soccer Academy and especially, Rich and Herve, did with our Boy's U-9 Pre-Travel this past Fall. Back in September, as you were attempting to schedule our weekly practice time, you "convinced/coerced" me to take the training session prior to your practice time because of Rich and Herve's presence that day. We were all set for Thurs., but you promised it would be well worth the minor inconvenience and end up benefiting our team. Well, you were correct and I'll never question you again (well, maybe that's not true, but alas). With a squad of 19 players, our practices were well attended (we never had less than 15 present at each practice) because of the energy and enthusiasm of both Rich and Herve. I can honestly say that all our team members grew noticeably in their understanding of the team concept and the individual skill level needed to compete on the Travel level. Their confidence grew with each practice and game so much so that ALL are committed to coming back for the Spring Pre-Travel Season. Our parents were also very complimentary and very proud of the strides their sons made on the pitch. 

We ended on a great note with our final practice that concluded with a pizza/ice cream party (again, 18 of the 19 attended with one player sick).   That's a testament to Rich and Herve and the FUN they brought to this Soccer Season!!       - James O'Conner






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